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Since 2009 Martin has been helping professionals and students to communicate their aspirations, services and products.

His speciality is teaching Public Speaking and Martin creatively integrates the power of storytelling as a formidable tool for making an impact and leaving a lasting impression.

His unique approach, like a memorable fable, focuses on universal principles, lively interaction and innovative solutions. Martin accompanies people in the creation of their story, he draws on experience and current research data to facilitate clear and concise communication.

Martin has spoken at a TEDx IHECS event, given workshops on public speaking at European Conferences,  Universities in Leuven and Brussels and organised courses on storytelling. He co-founded the Artful Orators, an advanced speaking club and for his outstanding service was awarded Brussels Toastmaster of the year in 2013. He was a regular feature of the MothUp storytelling evenings in Brussels. Martin encourages community events by organising local storytelling evenings and home coaching.

He has been complimented on, “Having charisma, being able to deliver captivating speeches and tell great stories.”

Martin is currently an active member of Toastmasters International in Leuven, Belgium.


Hosting a workshop on Public Speaking for the Student Business Society in Brussels, Belgium.

Talking about the wonder of storytelling.


Coaching 1:1

yoga-saripalli“Under Martin’s guidance the quality of my speech writing and delivery has improved considerably  I have been and am inspired by his approach to the public speaking stage as a pilgrimage, as a performance, a sacred journey, a journey to become what we are – a culmination of dedication, passion and immense practice..”

Yoga Saripalli.  GaN Epitaxy at EPC.

Public Speaking


“Martin has this rare gift to connect with his audience BOTH at the rational and the emotional levels. So listening to his stories will trigger emotions and provoke internal questions: “what would I feel and do in this situation ? how would I react ? what does it mean for me ?”. These questions, applied on the business subject you ask Martin to prepare a speech about, do change our consciousness and leave a strong desire to change and improve oneself.”

Serge Pegoff     Authentica, Center for Creative Leadership.


nick-korchunovI met Martin in autumn of 2014 when I went to his public speaking workshop in Leuven. I truly enjoyed the way the workshop was organized as it had the perfect structure – the interactive component was spot on. Most importantly, Martin was a great coach when it came to giving meaningful advice on how to deliver an outstanding speech and how to improve one’s way of presenting.  What’s more, I really enjoyed myself – it was a great way to combine fun with useful learning experience!

Nick Korchunov   Account Manager for Belgium & Luxembourg at Bloomberg LP.