Stories to breathe new life into Detroit.

A city creating a new swirling red thread that runs through all aspects of Detroit renewing outdated perceptions.

Mike Duggan the mayor of Detroit has appointed a journalist and long-time resident of Detroit, Aaron Foley as Chief Storyteller.

Aaron Foley’s message is clear, “I firmly believe that the value of a city is measured by the character of its residents, and Detroiters are worth more than pure gold.” He goes on to say, “We’ll be enterprising stories from off the ground, with the goal of amplifying things we don’t always hear about. I want to finally debunk some of the myths that have been clouding the city for years”.

The position, believed to be the first of its kind in the US, was conceived to give Detroiters a way to connect and discuss issues that don’t get covered by the city’s traditional media, and part of a dedication Duggan and Foley share to create a “meaningful and impactful ways to give Detroiters and their neighbourhoods a stronger voice.”

“The biggest challenge has been trying to paint a full picture of Detroit, scars and all, in short time constraints. Like during panel discussions where you have to share the mic with a few others and only have a sum total of 15 minutes of discussion. Or during interviews where you have to boil an entire city down to a soundbite or two.”

Need help in finding and creating stories for your organisation? My speciality is using storytelling for effective communication.

Chief-Storyteller Detroit article here


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