Why do this?


“There is some satisfaction that is mighty sweet to take,

When you reach a destination that you never thought you’d make.”


Are you wanting to improve the content, structure and delivery of your presentations? Would you like to have a personalised style of training, grow in confidence and get practical evaluations? Are you ready to reveal your hidden abilities?

Not only is the satisfaction mighty sweet when your destination is reached but getting there is fun too. I offer comprehensive workshops on public speaking, storytelling and presentation skills. They are designed to make learning and improving challenging yet rewarding. You can be assured of well structured workshops with the focus on the active engagement of participants.

“The other day, I heard the CEO of a large corporation drone on for twenty minutes. He was pitching a large group of strangers, reading them a long, prepared speech that was largely irrelevant to their needs.”   From a blog by marketeer Seth Godin.


Meetings and the presentations that drive them are often boring, slow and rarely effective.

Precious time is wasted as high earners in the audience struggle to figure out or lose interest in jargon-filled phrases and lists of bullet points.

Speakers must make only their strongest points, and refine them down to their most concise and eloquent essence.

My creative coaching and training offers evaluation, guidance and examples to boost your confidence and charisma when speaking in front of an audience.