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Public Speaking.

Improvise a compelling speech in 10 minutes.

Maximum 6 participants for this 2 hour workshop. Specifically designed workshop on how to prepare and deliver a speech when time is limited.

Results you can expect.

 1)  A practical workshop to improve your public speaking skills.

2)  How to structure and deliver a speech in 10 minutes.

3)  Learn a method to give constructive evaluations.

4)  Get useful feedback.

5)  Get tips and advice on structure and organising your speech.

6)  Learn evaluation techniques.


The Skill of Great Communicators.

During this one day workshop in a small group of 4-6 people you will learn to expand your influence, build credibility and communicate convincingly by mastering the art of storytelling. Discover an effective method for team building, co-operation and understanding by incorporating storytelling into your business communication.

 Purpose of the workshop.

Find and formulate appropriate stories for a clear purpose. Deliver them with confidence and style.

 Who should attend.

Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Change makers, Influencers, Facilitators, Managers, Teachers, Trainers, Organizers, Students, Conference and Seminar speakers.

 What you will learn.

Lining up your story with the intended result.

Story construction and flow.

Engaging the audience.

Methods to create a spell-binding effect.

Telling your story. Your body speaks.

Listening and different types of evaluations.


 Benefits of storytelling.

1)  Engage the audience by creating an experience.

2)  Bring ideas and concepts into a form that is easy to understand.

3)  Leave a lasting impression.

4)  Make information more accessible.

5)  Gain the trust of clients, customers and colleagues.

Presentation Skills.

Private Coaching.

1 Twenty minute free session.

2 Video calls of one hour each.

2 Email responses with evaluation of draft presentations.

Training is available as:

Personal coaching: The perfect solution  to have an intensive and practical 1:1 training tailored to  specific needs.

In-company training: Group training for multiple employees of your company or organization.

Workshop: powerful, interactive form of training which can range from 2 hours to 2 days.