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Charisma, Essential To Have In A Public Speaker’s Repertoire.

confident-business-womanCharisma, the ability to attract, charm and influence people is often thought of as a mysterious indescribable gift bestowed on only a privileged few.

The etymology of charisma is kharis from the Greek meaning grace, beauty, kindness and kharisma, meaning  favour or grace.

Christian contexts have often referred to charisma as power entrusted to an individual by Divine favour for the good of the Church. It is not surprising then that charisma is associated with having a supernatural gift. It may look as if a charismatic person has some superior magnetism and unique talent but as research and scientific study suggest, charisma can be learned.

Each person’s own unique brand of charisma is developed using a combination of skills learned through practice and application.

5 Strategies for Boosting Your Score on the Charismatic Calibrator.

Authenticity. Take a genuine interest in people, ask questions, listen to their needs and concerns, remember their names and details about conversations.

Appearance. Have a neat appearance pay attention to detail. Act at ease yet supremely confident.

Clarity. Practice good annunciation, use pauses, metaphors, stories and anecdotes to create a visual component. Whether you are delivering a speech or having a conversation make your dialogue easy to follow and understand.

Conviction. Speak passionately and believe in what you say. Look at the people you are talking to.

Humour. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Enjoy yourself during the conversations you are having and when you are on the podium. Smile. When appropriate be lighthearted.

Any number of virtues contribute to a person having charisma. To be charimatic one does not have to acquire all the traits, by tweaking and adjusting behaviours and building on strong points in one’s character an aura of charisma is radiated.

Charisma strategies when learned and applied will improve the quality of your public speaking,  interpersonal relationships and transform you into a people magnet.